Tuesday, 25 June 2013

After the Scare

Dugan has come on leaps and bounds since the mystery bug scare and he seems to be growing before our very eyes. He is a lot stronger now and is bouncing around the house and garden with his big floppy ears and tripping over his own paws.
what a difference 5 weeks make
We were a bit nervous about his second dose of vaccinations and have been watching him very carefully for the past couple of days. So far so good. The Vet was very pleased with his progress and admitted that they didn't think they would see him again as he was that ill.
He went on his first adventure outside of the confines of the house and garden. It was a short stroll along the river bank with his tour guide and best friend Giacomo ( our jack russell ). The walk kind of went walk a bit, lay down a bit, struggle a bit then run a bit and finished off with carried a bit.

He came home after the walk ate his food and slept for almost two hours straight with just the odd opening of a tired eye. He didn't even wake up for my kids coming home from school. The silence was eventully broken when I heard a came of tug of war going on in the lounge!!!!

And that game has been going on and off all day only stopping for naps. It is fun to watch, considering we thought the little guy wasn't going to get through his illness. Thank God he did.